Sending a message/file/image

Writing a message. Open a chat, and type your text in the message field.

Sending an image or file. In the chat, click and select a file or image to send.

Message options

A list of options appears when you click on a message.

  • Select and copy text
  • Reply
  • Quote
  • Edit (message can be edited within 24 hours of sending)
  • Forward
  • Save to Favorites
  • Delete (message can be deleted for all members within 24 hours of sending)

If you are the chat owner, admin, or moderator, you will also be able to do the following:

  • See a list of members who viewed the message
  • Pin the message

How to mention a chat member

In the message field, type @ and select the user you want to mention.

Creating and holding a poll

In the chat, click and select “Poll”.
Next, write a question and some possible answers (max. 10), and enable/disable the “Anonymous” option for member responses.

Adding and using stickers

Next to the message field is the icon .
When you click on it, you will see the selection of stickers. To add new stickers, click .

How to search for messages in a chat

Go to the chat that you want to search in. Click and enter a search term.
You can also search for messages in a chat that have been sent by a particular user or on a particular date .