Changing your details

In “Settings”, press “Open profile”.
Here, you can:

  • change your name and surname
  • set your status and enter an email address
  • upload a profile picture
  • see Favorites and Media
  • edit call settings
  • log out of your account

Enabling/disabling notifications

Go to Settings → Notifications.
The following can be set up:

  • show notifications (all, only messages, off)
  • show text in notification
  • typing notifications
  • badge counter
  • quiet time

Amending app appearance

The app interface can be changed in Settings → Appearance:

  • Compact mode
  • Show “Calls” tab
  • Sort contacts
  • Background color
  • Background image
  • Profile image
  • Color scheme selection

Clearing cache

Go to Settings → Data → Clear Cache.

Setting up a PIN code for the app

Go to Settings → Security and Privacy, and enter your 4-digit PIN code.

Managing your sessions

All sessions can be seen in Settings → Security and Privacy → Sessions.

If you do not access the app from your smartphone, your sessions are deleted from your device after a certain amount of time (15 days by default).

Adding and sending quick replies

Adding. Go to Settings → Quick replies. In the next window, enter a reply and press “Add”. Up to 10 quick replies of no more than 25 characters can be created.

Sending. In the chat, press and select a reply.