Adding a contact

In the “Contacts” section, press on the icon and enter an ID (7XXXXXXXXXX). You can also ask another user to send you the details of the contact you wish to add.

Sharing contacts

In the chat, press and select “Contact”. Select a user and share his/her contact information.

Editing contacts

In the “Contacts” section, click on the user you wish to edit. Press in the menu → Edit name.

Finding a user in your contact list

In the “Contacts” section, enter a contact name in the search bar.

How to find chats in common with another user

Select a user in the “Contacts” section. Under “Chats in common”, you will see which chats you are both included in.

Blocking and unblocking users

Select a user in the “Contacts” window. Select in the menu → Block/Unblock.

Deleting users

Press and hold a user in the “Contacts” section for the option to “Delete”.